Faroe Islands Winter Holiday Pairs


Faroese Bridgefederation will be arranging the Faroe Islands Winter Holiday Pairs tournament on RealBridge on 28. december 2021 at 7.00 pm CET

Tournament format

The tournament is an open Swiss pairs tournament. We will play 8 rounds of 4 boards. Vigfús Pálsson will be Tournament director.

Participation fee and prizes

100 DKK per person (aprox 11.5 pounds)

75% is given back in prizes

Playing platform

The tournament will be played on RealBridge. Link below

The tournament is open for anyone. Come and enjoy a relaxed pairs tournament

How to register and login

You register via the "Register and pay" link below.

Enter the tournament via the "Link to tourney" below.

Pairs register until now https://bridge.fo/175

Never played on RealBridge before?

You can find a RealBridge Player Guide below


Kibitzers link


If you need help kibitzing, you will find that in link below


Day Time Tournament Link to RealBridge Payment
28. des 2021

18:00 GMT

19:00 CET

Faroe Islands Winter Holiday Pairs 2021 Link to tourney Register and pay